Backyard Scientist tries out the Fortnite "Boom Bow" IRL


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My danger sense is tingling…


The energy of the expanding gases can’t do much without something to channel them. If the shell were wrapped in duct tape, or surrounded by some conduit, it’d probably be more effective. I don’t see anyway, though, to get effective splash damage. The shotshell is simply shaped all wrong for that.

You might get some better results with a centerfire pistol round mounted on the front of the arrow. You could shape the dowel to enclose a smaller shell, like a .410. That might work. And you’d get lovely splinters of wood flying around.

Or, you know, you could NOT do any of these things. Someone’s bound to lose an eye.


Before watching this, a shot gun shell - or any bullet - won’t do much of anything without a barrel that allows it to build up pressure. I can link you to a SAMMI fire fighting training video where they show the damage from burning piles of ammo that pop off from the heat and the damage is minimal.

ETA - Watch the video - yep, it played out as I expected.


While a valid point. I find the video displays a rather cavalier approach to safety in general, gives the impression that using dangerous materials in ways they are not intended is no big deal.

edit: I type good.


Can’t watch the video from where I am so I’m not sure this is on topic, but bullet tipped arrows are a real thing that can be purchased:


I was thinking - he really should have better safety glasses.

“Don’t try this at home.” is still a good motto.

And they too are garbage. You will do more damage and get better penetration with just a regular ol’ broadhead. Again, you got to have some pressure build up for a bullet to be dangerous.


No argument from me. They look kind of like one of Tim Allen’s idiotic “more power” inventions.

I practice with broadheads every now and then, but they make a hell of a mess of my targets so I mostly stick with field points. I would hate to be on the receiving end of a hunting arrow.


It struck me he wasn’t wearing any sort of glasses, safety or otherwise, at some points. /facepalm


Good thing it it didn’t strike him - ba-dum-ching!

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Why did I just watch a video of the Cheshire cat with a bow, talking animatedly about penetrating melons with hot lead on their arrows?

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What? The prospect of being sliced into by a pyramid of rapidly spinning razors doesn’t appeal?

Fun fact: a bulletproof vest is rather useless against a modern broadhead hunting arrow.


Strangely, no. I make traditional archery equipment and I enjoy target shooting. Part of the reason I don’t hunt is that I find it entirely too easy to imagine being hit with a broadhead and bleeding out.

My sympathy for deer doesn’t extend to Trumpists or religious maniacs though, so I keep some broadheads in my toolbox just in case of fascist apocalypse.


Not kidding?


I really hope the “scientist” in this case is accompanied by “self proclaimed.” His lack of understanding of some basic physics is pretty terrible. And his lack of respect for what can happen if you mix explosive materials with cluelessness is much worse.


Well, if you shorten his moniker to BS then it’s about right. He’s more like the Dangerous Neighbor from Hell than anything to do with science. Each of his videos is cringeworthy and I’m surprised he’s not visibly maimed, dead or in jail for manslaughter. Yet another reason not to live in Florida (IIRC).

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And knives! I’ve seen multiple stories of someone stabbing a friend in their bullet proof vest only to discover it didn’t stop the blade.

I have read that the thick silk armor worn by the Mongols, similar to a gambeson, would at least partially stopped arrows and allow their extraction to be much easier than an arrow wound with out.

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That’s why “stab vests” are available.

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