Coke-bottle gatling gun fires arrows


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What a great laugh he has! He sounds like he loves what he does.


Add my name to this guys dance card for the coming catastrophe. Nobody will have as much fun as him.


Great! :smiley:
…now, pretty please, could we get a belt-fed version? :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re teasing, right? Because you already built one and rear-mounted it to pop out of the driver side door panel of your car? … And now you’re going to post live video feed? :smiley_cat:


He’s on my team, possibly first pick too.


I love Joerg!
I am glad he is on our side.


Oh look, a chance to be pedantic.

homebrew firearms

Bows and slingshots are not firearms. Those are projectile weapons.



I’d love to see him do one of these dressed and made-up as Divine…

And have that laugh come out of this face:


Deutschland, Deutschland, so good, they named it twice!

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