Bad Little Girls Die Horrible Deaths: and other tales of dark fantasy by Harry Connolly



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I thought he’d given up on Twenty Palaces because it wasn’t selling. Thanks for the tip!


Live fast, die young, bad little girls die horrible deaths well?


Well, his publisher gave up on it, but this is self-published. So was the Twenty Palaces prequel, which is just called Twenty Palaces. (I just finished the prequel and recommend it. It DOES show a little bit of the roughness of self-publishing – the occasional typo or pronoun flub – but it also shows the skill and confidence of a guy who’s already got several published books under his belt.)

Always happy to hear about more Twenty Palaces (and more Connolly in general); I’ll definitely be checking it out.

I’m not sure if the Amazon version is DRM-free or not, but the Smashwords version should be. (And here’s a Smashwords link for Twenty Palaces, too, not for nothin’.)

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