The Way Into Chaos: Book One of the Great Way


I totally love this writer, He is so amazingly good. Iain M Banks good. Jim Butcher I like but consider a little childish. Mr Connolly’s 20 Palaces was superb. Creepy, well written, horrifying fun. I learnt about HC when he was a guest blogger for Charles Stross. At this moment in time I’m looking forward to this more than Mr Stross’s latest. 20 Palaces is so good. This might be better?

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I was a kickstarter backer, the hard cover is very nice, and you can’t have it :wink:

I also got the ebook version of all three books, and they are great. The only thing I wasn’t thrilled by is the start is a little slow, but very quickly things erupt, and then keep moving all the way through. I wouldn’t have guessed the satisfactory ending either.

Also, the next book (all ready written, due out in a month or so), feels very 20 Palace like, but isn’t and is a bit lighter in tone than those books. I really liked that too.

Buy his books, they are great! I heard about him from his guest spot on Charley Stross’s blog.

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I have trouble even imagining what epic fantasy with any not-dull parts would look like, but if you’re comparing him to Iain M Banks, I might have to check it out.

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