Harry Connolly's amazing Twenty Palaces series is back with 'The Twisted Path'

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I’m glad he decided to write another book in the series, the last one ended on such a promising note.

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I quite like the series. A few years back he said that the sales weren’t good enough to justify publishing any more - I wonder what changed? A different publishing arrangement? Enough better-known authors talking up his work that sales picked up? It’s good to see more coming out, whatever the reason.

I was excited to see a new twenty palaces story and I hope there are more to come.

As far as I can tell, self-publishing is what makes it possible. The numbers aren’t there for the brick-and-mortar publisher he worked through for the first three novels, but the overhead is a lot lower for online publishing.

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I was wondering if that was the case. I hope the new arrangement works out for him.

It was actually a conversation with Kevin Hearne that pushed me to continue Twenty Palaces as ebooks. It was impossible for me to consider doing them as novels, since each took the better part of a year to write. Kevin told me that he and a number of other writers were self-publishing novellas, and doing pretty well with them.

I thought I’d give it a try.



Well, fingers crossed that under the new approach the series finally starts to see some of the success it so richly deserves!

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