Badass Dragon Scavengers of the Void - Kassandra's Complex

how about this?

Oh yeah? What if I @mention you, buddy? @messana

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This is passingly weird @kassandra @messana

Double checking, all repair kits purchased this round will be at the lower juice cost. right?

Correct! Repair costs for the round are now 45Ʉ and will be calculated as such when round 8 runs.

Gracias, I knew it would be because turns and all, but it’s a foggy sunday morning.

"Don’t tell the mammals! Don’t tell the mammals! For Herpeton’s sake, don’t tell…

Wait a sec. Aren’t you a… mammal…?"



Why would you say that! Of course I am. Look, two nipples, right? Two! Umm… where’d that go… Aha! Here they are!


“Huh. So that’s what nipples look like.”

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They do? Great!

Uh I mean of course they do!

eyes narrow

“Okay, see here. Don’t tell the… er… other mammals about the Repair Facility. Why not? Well, look, they’re soft and emotional and squishy and they’re thinning my… that is, our profit margin, especially that goddamned potato guy, and what have they ever done for you? Have they ever embraced you for your… true nature?”

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I think that potato guy has 37 nipples. What a freak.


“We told him that sunbathing under that thin Martian atmosphere was dangerous… not nearly enough protection from solar and cosmic radiation, and would he please apply a higher SPF, but the vain asshole would just laugh and mix up a fresh daiquiri. See why we wanted to teach him a lesson? So now he’s got that sun-kissed glow and all those mutant nipples and he blames me. So don’t tell him about the Repair Facility!”


Hey @Kassandra.

Is a Scavenger once a digger, always a digger, or could I swap, if my suit started to look a bit better, well, suited to being a Recon?

Asking for a friend.


“That’s an intriguing question, Mr. Pricklepants @daneel. Let me check down in R&D and see.”

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Hey @Kassandra

There’s a lot going on this round. Would it be possible to get a recap of all orders as they currently stand so we can see where we’re up to please?

Hm - can’t seem to find a syntactically correct set of orders in there. I’ll let the boss know.

No daiquiris for you then!

“I suppose that is a thing that can be done. Let’s see here - the orders that I have on file from the public comms are:”

Princess Pricklepants:

mission 2
use red mass_spectrometer 78
trade mass_spectrometer donald_petersen


use green parabolic_antenna 110
trade gold daneel
mission 4

Princess Rembrandt:

pay 100 donald_petersen
mission 3


Mission 5


pay 40 @wisconsinplatt
mission 2

Li’l Smokey:

mission 4

(seeing as missions can only be taken once this time)


trade fusion_engine wisconsinplatt
mission 2


trade targeting_algorithm donald_petersen
mission 2

Princess Jabbers:

trade fluorometer @donald_petersen
mission 2

Naughty Boy:

use gold
pay 10 gwwar
pay 50 donald_petersen
trade fluorometer donald_petersen
mission 3

Rocky Road:

pay 10 @donald_petersen
use green fusion_engine 63
trade gold @bizmail_public
mission 1

“Five folks yet to file orders at this time! And naturally I can’t comment on any privately filed orders, but there you have it.”

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Question on when things happen, since so much is happening…

Princess Pricklepants, is using RED on the mass_Spectrometer and then passing the Transmogrified Mass Spec to Tex

I am waiting for Princess to loan me her Fusion Engine so that I can transmogrify it.

Are both of these scenarios valid?