Badass Dragons of the Wasteland - Round 2 Results! (at long last)

Dibs on the skin…

Is it?

You sure?

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[pokes Rex with a loooong stick (long enough to be out of the range of any nasty surprise)]

Yep. Of course, I haven’t been watching Rex all evening, and he seemed hungry before he went for a walk, then not so later. Might be he snacked on some roaches, who knows?

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Guess we’ll find out. Sigh. Pity. He might’ve come in handy somewhere. Had a hell of a nose for scrounging salvage, I’d heard.

Well, hell. Why don’t you unscrew that brain-bucket of his? It’s supposed to help your aim. As long as you wear it, I figure it’s good for an additional +3FP.


I think that sounds right up my alley. I need to make back exactly 12 so I’ll be coming with 3 LP after I get a few winks in and meet up with Stretch for a Repair Kit.

Howdy all,

There is a bit of narrative floating your way on the newly created Round Three thread. A bit of a cutscene, if you will.

Shopping and Missions will come your way tomorrow.

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@daneel and @drman321, have the two of you made up yet? I only ask because we’ve got a damn long road ahead of us that we need to make it through. Together.

Now, I know some of us are going to have our differences. I know some of us are going to get into fights. And I know some of us are going to want to kill each other. That’s human nature, that’s just how it works.

But we need to put that aside right now. I’m not saying I’m perfect. Far from it. I’ve certainly done more than my fair share of awful things. Probably worse than any of you. In fact, strike that probably. Definitely worse than any of you. But when we had to pull long drills together in Cheyenne Mountain that lasted for days we had to find ways to make our differences work.

Maybe you guys don’t go out together on missions for a while. Maybe the two of you find a nice quiet piece of desert and have it out. Maybe you just shake hands over the body of a dead cyberdog and have a weird warm beer. But if we don’t literally pull together on this, none of us are going to get off this dead rock that not even the APCs are going to be able to survive on much longer.


What good is a grudge? I can’t eat it, can I?


{Junior finishes installing the EARACHE on his Freightliner, and, as usual, proceeds to talk to everyone and no one in particular}

Well, I think that does it, this beauty’s all installed and ready to go. If anyone can make use of 15 points of armor I had to remove, even as scrap metal, you are welcome to it, provided you ask nicely.

Major, Dorcas, Jack, here’s 2LP a piece to help you back on your feet. And no, this isn’t charity, this is old Burton knowing that he won’t be able to pull this Ark where it needs to go without a every hand on the wheel. Especially now that I’m more fragile than ever. I figure it’s a wise plan, though, I’m going to be attached to this like a…ahem…ball and chain for a good part of the distance now, so I figure the EARACHE will be needed to put the ole Burton Hurtin’ on anything that decides to sniff around the Ark.

Alright, let’s test this thing out.

embedding is being finicky:

{singining} I don’t know where I’ll be tomorroooooow

Hey, speaking of sniffing around, where’d that old scrapyard dog go? I was thinking, Sir Gonville, that Rex isn’t a very good name. You should give him better one. And you know how they call the WRX the “Rex?” And they also call it a Scooby, cause it’s a Subaru, and, you’re British so you might not know this but Scooby is ALSO a dog’s name! Hey pal, whattya think?

{Burton} locks eyes briefly on the scene, walks briskly over to his truck.

Shuts the cabin door firmly.


Yeah, we’re almost cool. I told him a dead dog started us down the right path. Pretty much just need to get lit up with a little white lightening together and I don’t see why we can’t move on.

~Clank does some ciphering~

If’n I done my ‘rithmetic right, that’s a fair deal. One of those plates you give me is goin’ in the pool for the drivers of furrin’ cars.


Why look at what I have here: one fine jar of moonshine I took from a gang called The Methheds (stay in school kids!) back when I was running protection for a local elected official called The Duke a few years back in a little place outside Atlanta, named Hazard since before The War.

Anyway, it’s not much but it’ll get you pretty far down the road. You’ll have to find your own cups.

Oh, and try not to spill any on the ground, it has a tendency to cause plant life to wither.


Wash says:

You know, I found this piece of paper crumpled up under my seat, and what you just said reminded me 'bout it. Any idea what it means?

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[Channing takes back the following and sits quietly in truck]

Channing frowns, her eyes definitely not getting misty

I would have bought Rex off of you, you know. He could have been a convoy dog. I bet we could have sent him off to do things like find salvage and that mutt would have come right back to us with shit we needed. My dog Rusty is a useless eating and shitting machine that does nothing but chase zombies like an idiot, but I still keep him around because he’s my effing dog.

Do you know how difficult it is to find something out in the wastes isn’t always trying to kill you? That loves you?

Oh… sigh you wouldn’t understand would you?

Channing storms away.


I can’t figure out the writing but the little dude is called Pogo. I saw a lot of graffiti with him on it back soon after The War.

God, I miss reading.



Just write my character out of this game.

I’m done.


Or roll back the story so I never got that damn dog. Or give it to someone else. This has just stopped being fun.

(OOC: You know dogmeat in fallout was so hard to keep alive I would just cheat and rez him using the console. Now they have the puppies perk I hear. Anyway, don’t mind Channing, she’ll get over it.)


People gotta let the dog go. Sometimes it’s just their time. At least he was free.

(Pours some 'shine on the ground for the little guy). Peace.

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Sorry for the delay in responding! I’d like the Squid Ink Launcher for ol’ Wizard.

Okey-doke. Make sure you mention it when you fill out this Round 3 Entry Form here.

In the meantime, get yer butt over to the Round Three thread on the double! You got some catching up to do!