Badass Dragons of the Wasteland: UAW Repairs Thread

Sadly no…

That doesn’t sound very fun to me… (just sayin!)

If that’s the direction we take then all of the Mechanics might as well just put themselves on auto-pilot… I guess the GM’s could have 8 more NPC’s to deal with… But then what’s the point in participating in a RPG?

But they aren’t participating.

Ah well. I guess the GMs are sizing things and tweaking difficulties for the amount of active mechs we actually do have…

ETA - not trying to disenfranchise anyone here, just musing about working around the resource constraints we have.

Don’t worry as soon as all of the repair requests are reported, the UAW will make sure everyone is repaired as much as is possible… I’m sure we’ll be able to get you up to 75% MHP.

As far as ‘resource constraints’ are concerned… Reverend Clank and I are about to make an attempt at dissecting Stretch’s head, and so long as The Craftsman wills it, we will unlock his Arcane knowledge.

FWIW, once any of the inactive mechanics wake up or come back, they’ll be under the same constraints as the UAW members. (They didn’t get the PM, but if they pop up we’ll let 'em know.) Exhaustion is exhaustion, whether or not one has one’s ecclesiastical fervor to prop oneself up, and overextending one’s work will exact a toll on one’s own HP.

But for now, we know we’re operating on a three-Mechanic economy (which is closer to what we originally intended anyway), and we won’t punish you guys for the absence (temporary or otherwise) of certain players.

And the Foreign Motor Manual is out there, somewhere…

As is this book, written specifically for illiterate dipsticks:

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Hey, that’s me he’s talking about!

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Jack Burton Jr. aka “Junior” (funruly) Mule

55  12 50 39 36 70 11 39 18  40 14
  1. Repair Points (RP) needed to get 75% Max Hit Points 41.25 round up to 42 (MHP)

12 + 30 = 42

  1. RP needed to get to 100% MHP
    42 + 13 = 55

  2. Any donations that you would like to make to the UAW (repairs are free and donations are optional)


So far, we have requests for

  • 51 points of repair that fits in the 75%-and-under category
  • 35 points of repair in the over-75%-and-domestic category

Are you sure?

To get me and Junior up to 75% is 63 RP alone…

OOC: So, is the number of repair points a mechanic can fix static, or is this based on some stat?

Their repair limit is 3x their max HP. Work done on themselves counts against the limit too.

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OOC: OK I updated to show RP available for others assuming that the mechanic repairs themselves for full HP. So for example, Bill has 93 total RP and has 71 RP left to spend on the convoy.

Edit: I added two new fields that shows the sum of damage and repair points available of users visible on the graph. This should help guesstimate, as this repair system is rather complicated. If someone adds a Foreign/Domestic flag to the spreadsheet I could probably come up with something better.

  1. Need 10RP to get from 33 to 43 (75%)
  2. Need 14RP to get from 43 to 57 (100%)
  3. Please take these 5 LP from me.

Nervous Mike - Feeling pretty damaged

I’m at 11HP now, I need 24HP to get up to 75% then Clank can hopefully do the last 11HP and bring me back up to 46HP.

 1) 24
 2) 11
 3) 5LP

Bertie Gomez here

For me,

  1. 12 RP to get from 36 to 48 (75%)
  2. 29 RP to get from 36 to 65 (100%)
  3. 5 LP donation to the brothers and sisters of UAW.

I’m okay with a 75% repair, 'cause I think I’ll be okay with that amount for this round, si el Artífice quiere.

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Honey calling :wink:

Currently at 17 HP. I sat out on getting repairs last round and now it’s up to you lovely mechanics to help us out. Hope you can!

  1. 9 HP to get to 75% (26 HP)
  2. 8 HP to get to 100% (34 HP)
  3. Of course I’ll donate! 5 HP for the hat kind sirs! (If I have anything left over after any necessary upgrades, I’ll donate those too)
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Let it also be noted that @blckjckdavey hasn’t been seen round these parts for 4 days…

I know that guy. I’ll get him on board for this Round, never fear.

So far the thread totals are:

166 total RP available

151 total RP needed up to 75%

97 total RP needed up to 100%

Obviously this is a greater sum that we can repair completely, so we need to prioritize. I suggest that anyone on mission 1 be repaired to 100%, everyone else can do their missions at 75% (hopefully!)

This is open to debate, but we need to come to a consensus within the next 24 hours.

If we cannot agree, The UAW will repair the Champions of the Citadel to 100%.

Edit: so long as the GM’s will to let me undo this post, I will have additional RP available…

Seeing as there has been no protest, I have updated this post with +9 RP.

GM’s please note my current HP : 22 / 31

There’s quite a few people yet to post here, too. @patrace, for one, and Momo’s car is pretty beat up.

We need to hear from UAW #3

There are two Drivers going to the Citadel who are limited to 75% repairs anyhow.

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I’m at 21 of 31. Getting me to 24 (75%) isn’t ideal but I’ll take it and press a little harder on the gas to avoid troubles this go round.

Of course, stepping on the gas so hard is how I got into these troubles in the first place, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

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