Badass kitten goes into attack mode every time rescuer tries to set it free


One day we saw one of our neighbors clutching her (apparently injured) kitty, heading for the car, and soothingly saying to the kitty, “Don’t think we’re going to the vet… because we’re not.”

Was that you?


Not likely. Even though he was small he didn’t lose many fights and was pretty streetwise. But one time somehow he got cut on his foot during the night. He had come in, eaten, gone to various windows, and jumped up on the vanity to have a sip of water. How did we know? The trail of blood EVERYWHERE!!! The best was where his paw bothered him and he tried to shake it out, sending blood spatters all over. You didn’t need to be Dexter to figure out what happened at this crime scene!


We have a big critter crate like this one. Absolutely concur.


I remember reading an interesting factoid about purring: Because of their physiology, cats up to the size of a leopard can purr, but after that, purring is replaced by roaring. Apparently snow leopards are the “just right” size and one of the only cat varieties that can purr and roar both.


My sister had a cat with a very loud normal purr, and when they took him to the vet, he turned on TURBO PURR MODE out of fear. He sounded like a flathead V8. It was so loud that the vet usually had a hard time hearing his heartbeat.






Murderbritches is the best name for a cat (or bobcat) ever.



Outside of a zoo, I have little desire to test that out.


A film where Melanie Griffith and family were savaged by large predatory cats in real life.
“No animals were harmed during the making of this film. 70 cast and crew members were.”

“They thought they were making Grizzly Adams , but they came within an ace of making Grizzly Man .”


I have read that if you die at home and have a cat it will eat you.


Can confirm. It has happened to me.


One of mine doesn’t even wait for that.

When he wants to be fed, he tries nipping at my calves. Luckily he doesn’t have most of his teeth.



I have this movie and, wow, its some kind of delightful crazy. I love the pictures of their “practice lion” Neil. I have super toxo.


Me too. It is one of those films where you are between:

“OMG what the hell were they thinking!!!” mode and “Holy Crap I hope they were OK!!”


Is that a kitten or a kitton?

Does Mother Hitton know about this?


Size appears to be irrelevant, since cougars purr but are not small. It depends on whether or not they have hyoid bones that can vibrate or not. Non-purring cats have flexible hyoid bones, enabling roaring, purring cats have solid hyoids that can vibrate but cannot bend into a roaring configuration.

(The second link has footage of a purring cougar, among other cute bits).