Badass kitten goes into attack mode every time rescuer tries to set it free


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I guess no relation to this guy…

(no idea why video isn’t loading inline, sorry, it’s a Max the Lynx)


Never confuse a Bobcat with your regular house cat. They are murder machines. Rawr.


Get 'em, kitty! Never back down from The Man!


We actually had a neighbor when I was a kid that had a “tame” bobcat. It even used the toilet. I wasn’t allowed near it but I was told it was nice… ish.


Yeah, like other animals you can get them tame-ish. But not something to trust your face around 100% of the time.


So the obvious question here, as a person who’s spent years working with animal cages, is why is this cage so incredibly poorly designed that you need pliers to open it? I mean, what in god’s name is going on with these people?


I think it can be opened with fingers, but they don’t want their fingers that close.


bookmarks this link as reminder for name of next cat


“Murderbritches”… [giggle].

Edit: Previous typo entirely unintended.




Beg to differ, at least on the killing front. House cats are murder champs


OH cats will murder traditional prey like bird, rabbits, mice, and rats. I saw a barn cat with a rat nearly as big as it was at the kiddo’s riding lessons. But they are still domesticated an fairly safe to have in your house.


All my experience with sharing my house with cats has taught me that this is only the case because we’re too big to eat. I love the critters but they’re murderous bastards all right.


I’ve seen an ordinary-size house cat go feral. Scary as can be. Lots of bandages were consumed by its owner getting it into a cage to ask for some kitty tranquilizer at a vet. I mean it looked like the owner was seriously attacked by a knife wielding assailant.

Bobcat? Murdercat sounds about right!


Pumas are just like feral house cats, scaled up a bit. They purr and do normal cat things. But any animal under about 40 lbs is an easy snack, and anything under 200 lbs fair game if they’re feeling ambitious.


One of our cats has to be sedated at the vet’s before the exam can be done. He looked just like this kitten. Even though he’s elderly he still go into bobcat mode at the vet.


There were zip ties, or perhaps a seal, that needed to be snipped off.

ETA looked like he used a Leatherman-type multi-tool.


We had a cat, real smart, great hunter, who would go into ‘disassociated mode’ when taken to the vet. No struggles or crying, just wanted it to be over.


Personally, I’m betting that needle-nose pliers look enough like a snake’s head to send little MB into full-fledged SNEKKK!!! panic-mode – and the other monkey doesn’t help by poking 'im with a stick.

Stuck in a cage being poked at by monkey-boys with sneks?

Yeah, KILLMODE engaged.