Baking through the pandemic: Sourdough starter day 2

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I’m so board, I licked the screen to see if it tasted good. Analysis, it tastes like a computer screen.


I don’t recommend this my friend…


continue to feed the mother.


dare ya to put some barrel aged beer in that mix!



Cheers mate. quarantine rules, it’s 5oclock … whenever the bread is ready!



My last starter took 2 weeks to get the point where it would make mediocre loaves that took all day to rise and then it got a mold infection before I could use it a second time.


I recommend cheating - add a small amount of commercial baking yeast to make up for the wild yeast that apparently doesn’t inhabit your kitchen.


a bit too wet. half a cup of flour is about 75g. half a cup of water is 120g. weigh it out. you want 100% hydration. you’re doing like 130%.

bonus: half AP and half whole wheat flour is good. yeast need nutrients, not just starch

I dusted off my bread maker and had some home-made bread this morning. Very nice. I’m looking for a cast iron pot where I can cook some no knead bread:


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I’ve tried making sourdough starter so many times and it always ends in failure.

I’m so confused… you say 24 hours later twice here…is this day two or day two and 3? I want to follow along…

this has been Groundhog Day for all of us.

I made yeast bread yesterday, having the ingredients but no bread.

The problem was, I forgot to put the teast into the breadmachine.

What a waste of flour.

Speaking of yeast from the air, one thing I’ve long wanted to make was tempeh, fermented soybeans. You need starter, and I’ve never seen it locally. But you are supposed to be able to.make starter from commercial tempeh, this post made me check.

So.maybe one day I’ll try it. Tofu is easyish, but messy. Seitan is actually fun, once you get over the feeling it’s going to wash away.

The starter was 48 hrs old around 8am today.

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Fake news. Isn’t that a scene from “Acrapolips Now”?

Do not cook with two day old starter. Minimum is a week, but could be up to two. Right now the activity is from the bad nasties that need to die off.

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