Ball maze iPhone case

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You call it a iPhone case with a ball maze on the back; I call it a ball maze with a mount to conveniently store your iPhone.


Well, there goes 30 minutes I’ll never get back…and I only made it to page 8 on The Worst Things For Sale site. What does that say about me?

I’ve always wished my phone would occupy more of my time than it currently does.

Isn’t there a ball maze app? Certainly there must be hundreds by now.

The contrast between the phone and the analog game is part of the attraction. Something to do when you’re low on battery.

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I stopped at the “Grandma’s Eatin Dirt.” I’m not sure that poking fun at a disease common among Southern US slaves is something I’d like to see as the subject of capitalist exploitation.

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Dad: “Alright Bobby, screen time is over.”

Bobby: “But Dad, I’m not watching a screen.”

Dad: “…”


That’s “A-Maze-Balls” case!

Badum tish anyone?

does it actually have a ball in that maze? it looks almost like an open air cover with no plastic to trap in a marble

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