Band releases album as Linux kernel module


The let’s-avoid-unnecessarily-lossy-compression guy in me shuddered at that WAV->MP3->WAV step in there. Why not make OGGs right from the WAV masters?


Am I correct in thinking that this will eventually be modded into something unrelated, like an NES emulator?


I think ‘the internet is an apt motherfucker’ is the standout track from the album. I 've been listening to it like crazy for the last 36 hours. It’s really hard to get me to spend money on music, but I threw these guys a dime

Incidentally, for purists, this album in its current state will taint your kernel if loaded (codes 1 and 4096, and potentially 8192 depending on your configuration).

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Oh my god. Kernel Taint needs to be a band.


Kernel Taint and the Unspecified Failures



" sudo apt-get motherfucker "


I’m not sure anyone who would run an album in ring 0 would bother with niceties such as sudo.


I know a couple guys who once had a band called Doo Rag. The one guy sang through an old Navy megaphone, and the other banged on a movie film reel and a Bud Light carton for percussion. When they mastered their second album, they had me cut an acetate master of a couple songs, then rubbed dirt on it, then played it on a school record player into a mic for the album version of the song. There were a few lock grooves in there too, to throw the authorities off the scent.


Because then it wouldn’t be art.

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Hmm, not to sure about that. Sure, it was windows, but something about “Sony” and “rootkit” come to mind… Wonder it they’ll get a takedown from said company…

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sudo apt-get install motherfucker

You must be another tin-eared philistine who listens to 128kb mp3s(CBR, no less) on $2 earbuds:

Ring 0 is what brings your aural landscape closest to what your hardware is truly capable of, without the muffling effects and microjitter of a userspace audio decoder. Today’s CPUs don’t sound as warm as the pre-transistorization computers; and I don’t think anything will ever match the authenticity of acoustic delay lines as a musical storage medium; but it’s the best you can do with today’s gear.

/sarcasm, as is hopefully clear.


I’ve had to make some actual CD’s out of my own music from MP3’s just cause it was what I had available at the time, even though I have the original 16 bit wav files (yes I still record in 16 bit, don’t go there unless you are willing to donate a newer interface :wink: ).

In fact, there are a couple of songs to which I only have an mp3 now as the original sources are looong gone.

Not that big of a leap to imagine that someone had the crazy idea to do this and all they had availabe were some mp3’s on someone’s phone, which they turned into wavs, but then, you know, OGG! and well…

Making music can be crazy like that!

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Ya, but if the source code isn’t comment-free, then you might as well be listening to some low-fi visual basic crap. Comment-free source code permits the loss-less free flow of data which delivers a transcendental listening experience.

edit to patch up some awkward wording – somewhat unsuccessfully.


That was my first thought, too, but with sampled music, rhythm machines, over-Autotuned vocals, cheap earbuds, and the ever-escalating loudness war, fidelity doesn’t seem to be a concern for most people.

Wait, they transcoded from lossless to lossy to lossless? Cringe. Also, why?

Maybe they wanted the artifacts for artistic reasons? I can’t think of any other reason that makes sense.

They should have started with a MOD file…

(I’m assuming that their release might lead to a new linux-based demo scene)