Bang your eyes: the 13 hardest rocking heavy metal movie posters


That dude on the right is gettin’ hiz Zardoz on!

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Nice selection of posters, but why use the click baitey title? I thought I was reading Wired for a second…


The poster for Nightmare on Elm Street 3 isn’t Turkish. Turkey uses a modified Latin alphabet. The characters look sort of Thai to me, but I’m not really up on South and Southeast Asian alphabets.


A great selection of movies and posters BUT… no actual Heavy Metal movies?

What about Trick or Treat, The Wraith, Shock 'em Dead et al? There’s a truly goofy and thoroughly enjoyable sub-sub-genre just waiting to be loved out there!

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“Mark of the Devil” was one of those German “witch hunter” movies dubbed into english. They had a much darker S&M theme than anything in America. Back in 1972. this was showing as the matinee at the big old theater in town, and that was the place to go for matinees like the “Planet of the Apes” sequels. The theater was packed with kids but we were only two minutes into the film before they apparently pulled the plug, turned on the lights, and refunded our money. I think the theater management freaked out when they realized they were showing an R-rated snuff movie with an anti-Catholic theme to 500 kids.

Check out the trailer, even the trailer has bare breasts! And torture! Did I mention the tits?


FYI, The Crimson Ghost serials were compiled and released as a feature, sometimes with the alternate title Cyclotrode X

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But it says “all ages admitted”. And Mommy has a vomit bag in her purse.

Considering it was a foreign film, there were probably a couple edited versions floating around. I don’t ever recall seeing a cut version on tv.

What a fantastic title.

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