Banging pots and pans, New Yorkers celebrate Biden victory

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Oh no, not New York City, the city Trump spent his entire life trying to be accepted by! Not the one city whose opinion he actually cares about!


It wasn’t just in NYC.


Outside a small, rotten set he’s truly loathed in Manhattan, including on the monied UES. When I lived there I knew design people who were screwed over by his “organisation”. I still know Wall Street people who are disgusted by his scummy business practises and media people who tired of his attention-seeking decades ago. There would be celebrations if his eyesore (and poorly maintained) “luxury” buildings were razed to the ground. Florida is welcome to him, but Moscow seems more appropriate yet for that corrupt scumbag.


Oh, I know. But I don’t know whether he realizes that.

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In Park Slope it was like New Year’s Eve and winning a championship of some kind both happened on the first day of spring. Block parties everywhere. Rave in Fort Greene. Was pretty nuts overall.


It’s the latinx way to tell the crooked president it’s time to go

From M.A.S.H. episode:

Margret “Hot Lips” Houlihan: “Look Frank! They love you, Frank.”
Frank Burns (smiling): “It was their hatred that fooled me.”


No, but it’s especially delicious when a candidate’s home town celebrates this hard over his loss.

I find it hard to imagine Scranton, PA expressing this much joy if the election had gone the other way.

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