Banjo version of "Enter Sandman"


Awesome. I’ve been learning banjo for 6 months now, with my first big goal being to play “Rainbow Connection” from the original Muppet Movie. Now, “Enter Sandman” may have to be my second big goal.

OK, this is new to me. . . a 5-string banjo, but it doesn’t have a drone string with the tuner sticking out of the side of the neck, which I guess means it’s really a tenor banjo with a bonus string.

I’ve seen that setup with the friction peg in the middle of the headstock, but usually for weird hybrid banjos that have a drone string plus an extra string (Ralph White plays one like that.)

These guys have made two entire albums of Metallica banjo covers (including Enter Sandman):

That was splendid, I usually only listen to the cellos version. I had to click the follow on video for the banjo streetfighter 2 music, don’t place any bets on the fight between guile and ken in the bottom left of the screen.

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