Enter Sandman in the style of Let's Dance-era Bowie

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ok guys it’s getting bad now. I couldn’t actually listen to the YT video on your page because of all the ads trying to load on your site. As I have said before…I am all for advertisements to keep the lights on and such, but when it starts making the site unusable…that’s a problem.

@beschizza thanks for posting this…love this guy’s channel.


That was surprisingly listenable. I admit to cracking up when the sax solo began. Spot on, though!


uBlock Origin works great, at least for Firefox. I mean, Cory talks about adblocking right here on BB, so why not put it to good use.

Great execution on the song!


unfortunately on my work laptop I can not add anything to the browser like that. So I’m stuck with the site as is.

In fact I am happy that they unblocked BB/BBS entirely. They had them as off limits for a time.


That’s cuz ‘Enter Sandman’ is a pop song already. Would love to see him do it with ‘Whiplash.’

It was fun listening to the guitar, thinking that Stevie Ray Vaughn played guitar on Let’s Dance. So it was like he was playing Metallica as directed by Nile Rodgers and David Bowie.

I’m a lifelong metal fan but I never liked that song. It always seemed passionless to me. It exemplifies Metallica’s corporate period. This version? I think I like it. Either that or I’m jut really impressed by the execution. I certainly like it more than the original.

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