The new Metallica tribute album costs $50 to download

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I vividly remember this record coming out and how impactful it was. However, with age I’ve realized it was merely a capable farewell to a band that, at one point, were almost great.

And a bunch of covers? Hell nah.


Isn’t it weird to make an album with multiple covers of the same songs? The original album only had 12 songs.

edit: I just looked and there’s 6 versions of Enter Sandman.


$50 to download? Those RIAA fines have come down a lot.


Okay, snark all we want about Metallica being greedy cashgrabbin fuckos, but there’s something significant not mentioned in this article.

As per Variety: “All profits from every track on The Metallica Blacklist will benefit Metallica’s charitable foundation, All Within My Hands, along with a charity of each artist’s choice.”

I’m gonna listen and at least pick a few tracks.


Thanks for the service. I am curious, but so far, I think I can steer clear from that “album”.


Ghost has released their decently good cover of Enter Sandman for free on Youtube as a promo. Listen to that, then skip the rest. Link!

Maybe buy the actual album if it ever goes on sale?


The whole thing is on Spotify, too.


Some of the artists on it are interesting selections: Kamasi Washington. Some are obvious: The HU.


I think $50 for the whole thing is an arguably decent price considering its covers by other famous folk and i imagine they’d like for everyone involved to get paid fairly. In my opinion a lot of artists don’t make much if anything at all from album sales, that said this is Metallica who have a sordid history with digital downloads as mentioned. If this was another band i wouldn’t care a whole lot but with this band… they can piss off. There’s other artists and bands i like more that i would prefer to give them that kind of money.

Edit: looking at the comments i guess there’s something charity related with the album which is good information to have, but it doesn’t really change much in how i feel about Metallica. If i was so inclined i’d still buy music from someone else and also give to charity directly.


Love the charity angle, but a cover album?

It was a bad idea when Die Krupps did it. It is a similarly bad idea now.

Fave Metallica album: Justice. If that tells you where I am coming from.


Hard pass. #NeverForget


Does it include the Iron Horse version of Enter Sandman?


Frankly, I don’t find it that strange. If you’re a fan of the band and enjoy covers of their music, then why wouldn’t you be interested in hearing what different artists can bring to a given song?

If you were trying to fit it all on one album, it might be a little weird, but in these days of expensive box sets and digital media, it’s not like they’re worried about running out of space.


I think $50 for the whole thing is an arguably decent price considering its covers by other famous folk and i imagine they’d like for everyone involved to get paid fairly.

Not that I disagree, but I think the issue is why are the digital files twice the price (or more) than buying it on CD?

(And as an aside to Thom Dunn, this is why I’m still that kind of weirdo who buys CDs. Buy it once, and rip to whatever digital format you desire at no additional cost.)


I have some Metallica vinyl in the far side of the “once in awhile” box, ain’t seen the light of day in some time…

I’m not a Metallica fan, but I’ve been doubling up on my album purchases for indies (or simply paying more on bandcamp) because I know artists usually make the most off of ticket sales, and I’m not going to a live show anytime soon. If they can get $50 for it then sure, go for it.


Metallica was a revolutionary band and turned heavy metal in the 80’s upside down. It is a real shame that they gave it all up and stopped recording after “and justice for all”


Instead I think I’ll listen to it on Napster YouTube. (That started as a joke, but it looks like the entire album is actually on YouTube.)


Hey Lars,

I’m going to pirate it, then just donate my own money to charity.