Metallica and The Roots play "Enter Sandman" on toy and classroom instruments


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That was pretty cute…made me grin at least.

Gotta say I like the direction Fallon has taken The Tonight Show with lots of innovative new skits.


Way better than the original.


Beyond Awesome!


really love this series.


The trailer for Sausage Party 2 is already out?


Fuck anything Lars Ulrich touches.

I don’t forgive, and I don’t forget.


Just look at that banana shaker.


I was JUST going to ask, “Do we have to listen to Lars saying anything? Because that would kill the whole damned thing for me.”


that song just never gets old for me, no matter what incarnation it takes.


Jimmy Fallon eh? The Gordon Deitrich of our reality. Has he got the cheetos dust off his hand yet?


I hate Fallon with a passion, but enjoyed this at least.

Some Lars Ulrich hate happening here… what was the deal? What did he do?


Oh, right… his role in Napster. Sorry to be an idiot. Carry on.


worst retelling of the King Midas story ever!


Metal AF

Do Master! Do Master!


Aaaand, just in case you’ve not seen it, the Bill Bailey version:

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