Bank of America uses copyright to censor business reporter's tweets

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At the risk of victim-blaming, this story highlights the idea that Twitter is not a very good medium for journalism.


I don’t think that’s victim-blaming so much as it’s the sad reality of things. It’s Twitter’s playground so they set the rules.


Last time I saw him, he was being pushed off a cliff in boot of a car by three dodgy looking characters.

What about perjury charges for E. E. Weston? Seriously, fuck that guy.

The Lenz v Universal link goes to the wrong article.

(And this is the first I’m hearing that Lenz v Universal was finally decided; don’t know what I was doing in September that I missed the news. Great to hear.)

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This incident of unilateral removal of news content at the request of a bank is a great follow up test case under Lenz. Journalism should fall under the “fair use” doctrine.

And corporations should also be recognized as government agents for purposes of a First Amendment protected speech analysis.

It’s like publishing, but it’s not real publishing.

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