Banksy celebrates the erasure of his Brexit mural: "I guess a big white flag says it just as well"

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That bucket was hanging in the air. It had to go. It just wasn’t right.


The image of the shattered flag with the worker still chiseling away at the one remaining star is a render of what Banksy was going to replace the original mural with. If you click through the “Banksy is philosophical about this development” link and switch to the second picture on that page you will see the current state of the mural: flag and ladder have indeed been painted over with white paint that contrasts badly with the original color of the wall.


Ah, that makes much more sense. Thanks!

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This is insane. I would have thought the mural would have been thieved before it was buffed. It was worth a fortune! Just goes to show the average intelligence of a brexiteer so amped up they would do this.

Btw, I acknowledge my xenophobia against reactionary nationalists.


Apart from worth≠value it is not the first time that the family who owns the building it was painted on have clashed with Banksy.

They were forced to return a mural to Folkestone after a High Court judgment

The story behind the Dover removal is unclear but it seems the original may still exist under the covering paint rather than removed.

Personally I do not find the EU image is as witty or provocative as much of his work, but then I am not a Brexiteer.

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I think that, when someone is on shaky ground (like still being pro-Brexit), any comment seems like an attack and, as such, must be put beyond the pale (or under the pale in this case).

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Yeah its difficult to comment on such a schism : any comment puts you into a polemic toxic territory. Full disclosure: Remainer here. For any other nations reading about it - its weird, and divisive and everyone’s got a stake and a voice. This is how civil unrest starts.


Somebody observed that both leavers and remainers are following sacred cows now - the arguments no longer matter (not that they ever did, much), people are entrenching whatever position they’ve adopted, regardless of information. I’ve been a Remainer since day one, and have tried giving information to a Leaver in-law, but his response is always “it’ll be fine”. I’ve asked him how Brexit will improve anything for anyone, and I’m still waiting for a response.
I have mixed feelings about Banksy. Yes, his technique is good, but his ideas are trite. Any competent cartoonist could come up with equally good or better. (I was a cartoonist for years.) Besides which, art is necessarily ephemeral - it’s the rarity of something ephemeral preserved, that makes artworks valuable - it’s not ONLY the cachet of the artist. So painting on other people’s walls highlights that, and if they choose to paint over it, well, that’s life. Vita longa, ars brevis est.

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Both tribes have become radicalised in the last three years - ultraLeavers seem to have embraced “No Deal” as being the only acceptable outcome now, and ultraRemainers* have moved to “Revoke Article 50” as the only other acceptable outcome.

(What’s absurd, is that if May had just swallowed her pride for two seconds and spoken to Corbyn as an equal player in the national identify crisis that is Brexit, we’d have been out of the EU and into a Norway-style option already. And nobody would have particularly cared or noticed.)

*I’m an ultraRemainer. I think the UK should be in the Euro and the Schengen agreement. But I have reluctantly come around to accepting that we simply aren’t mature enough as a country to properly participate in the European Project…

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I’m afraid that this is a lazy analysis. All institutions that have attempted to offer any kind of objective forecasting have been shot down and there is no credible information from the Government who, at present, incarnate the Brexit side. They have even tried to discredit their own analysis in Operation Yellowhammer!

Pretty surreal times.

That’s not xenophobia. That’s just common sense, my brother.

If only sense was common of late.

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