Banksy offers sculpture for £2 -- with a catch

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I want to win the game, but I don’t want that gauche sculpture.

I guess I’ll just donate instead. Well played, Banksy, well played.

Any idea what item $20 or under is most needed?


Win the game, get the boat, sell it for a boatload of money and give those away too

Actually, it would be rather funny with a chain charity auction. Everyone who buys it immediately put it up for a new auction with proceeds going to a charity of their choice.


Follow up questions: does it actually float, and are there any pics of it in the water? Dimensions as given plus a visual estimate of the water line should allow a reasonably accurate displacement calculation.

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I got excited when it said guess as many times as you like, but looks like you only get 1 guess per donation?! Now I can’t pull a Real Genius :frowning:


We all know who Banksy really is


i mean, we are reading a counter culture website for a counter culture zine edited by a mysterious british man… :thinking:




My question is, can we play by “The Price Is Right” rules?


The friends of BoingBoing over at Futility Closet did an episode about just such a scheme:


If we’re supposed to guess the weight then why did he tell us it’s two pounds?


Screw that! You know what I do? I win the game, get the boat and then I put that boat down and, taking a big box of matches out of my pocket, strike one and exclaim ‘This is what I think of your sculpture, Banksy!’ and set it on fire.

No wait, I strike another match and exclaim ‘This is what I think of your sculpture, Banksy’

ok 3rd times a charm, ‘this is what I think Banksy! HAh HAh! What the?!’

‘Yeah this is what I think!!! What I think!! Banksy Banksy, are you watching?!’

"Goddamnit Burn, burn damn you. This is what Banksy I think! Burn, for fuck’s sake why won’t you burn! awww hhw awwowo, awwoow Banksy I hate you I hate you Bansky, why you not burn!?!’

sniff* snif

Hey, Buddy, you got a match? I’m, I’m all out.

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And then I borrow the match and I exclaim ‘See this See this Banksy, this is what I think of you, burn motherfuckerrrrr, burn!’

hey, buddy, can I borrow another match. that one wasn’t very good.

what you mean no, give me a god damn match, don’t piss me off right now you don’t know me, you don’t know what I’m capable of! Thanks, thanks for the match, asshole.

'‘You see that, you see that Banksy?!? I can do this forever, I’m not stopping no, this is what I think of your god damn boat!’

uhm, yeah that match wasn’t any good either. used to be a time when a match meant something you know, when you could count on it. Before banksy I guess, that was the time. So anyway, can I uh
what do you mean you don’t have another match.

‘Screw you Banksy, you think you’ve won but someone else will be by here some day and they’ll have a match on them and then it’s bye-bye boat, Banksy, bye-bye, viking funeral hahah hahahh hahahhhahha’


I always pictured banks to as the kind of guy who switched to vaping but still always has a light :thinking:

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I can go better than pictures, there’s video of the boat(s) in situ.

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