Banner adds on BBS now?

I’m seeing banner ads (evidently served by Google?) at the top of every page on the BBS. They cover parts of the Discourse UI (even when hidden).

Are these supposed to be there or has some advertiser gone rogue?

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You should not be seeing ads on the BBS if you are a logged in, full user. There was an issue with rogue ads at one point, however that should be resolved now (clear your cache if you are still seeing them).



Because Discourse can’t keep me logged-in on the iPad I see these very frequently and while I’m glad that only logged-out users see the ads, they’re still covering part of the discourse UI.

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I was definitely seeing them while logged in. I saw ads as I was writing the original post in this thread.

Must have been a bug though, they’re gone now.

If your iPad Safari isn’t staying logged in, make sure you’re not in private browsing mode. I have made that mistake a few times.

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This is a view in full screen, on a mac, running Safari.
Note that the banner ad space (which cannot be altered) covers up the subtitling area. If this was a wonderful video from Japan, I would have to learn to speak Japanese.

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