'Bar Lives Matter' concert promoted by Texas bar owner to protest coronavirus restrictions

I initially misread this as “Bat Lives Matter,” and was all ready to defend it. Fuck white-nose syndrome. And fuck these crappy-bar-owning death cultists.


I live in Texas. Can confirm that many here are this stupid and worse. :frowning:


Me and my corona gut have already solved this case. sigh


Every. Single. Face. White. Nooooooo, there is no such thing as white privilege. People of color are protesting, literally for their lives, and these *%$#@! are protesting to get drunk and make even worse decisions. Seems about right.


This parody is only mildly changed, because the real worlds are still relevant.

Making your way in the world today
Takes everything you’ve got;
Taking a break from all your worries
Sure would help a lot.
Wouldn’t you like to get away?

Sometimes you want to go
Where everybody gets the plague,
And they’re always glad you came;
You want to be where you can see,
Our troubles are all the same;
You want to be where everybody has the plague…


Conservatives are fond of saying “the world isn’t fair” when the left tries to enact any kind of social justice.

In this case fairness would be the government reimbursing a small business when it requires that business to close for safety during a pandemic.

But you know, “socialism.”


I know a couple of bar owners, and they fully understand why it’s really stupid to open bars in this health situation. Free spit in your face!


The thing that gets me is that these bars have BANNED WEARING MASKS!?! Wtf?


This is way, way worse than a bad choice of words.

It’s a slap in the face to every black person who’s been brutalized, maimed, or killed by police.

It’s even worse than the horrific formulation of “All lives matter” because it trivializes the outrage and anguish that is currently welling up in the streets and cities of this country and indeed around the world.

It’s a giant, upraised middle finger to everyone who has no choice but to go to work, even in the face of a pandemic.


I missed the part in the US Constitution about the right to freely spread infection in the populace. Was that deleted?


Everything about the “Bar Lives Matter” was a terrible idea… but one of the protestors decided to take it a step further by wearing a mask with blackface on it. Truly disgusting on top of everything else. https://twitter.com/DocPop/status/1278156715309948928


One of the many reasons this protest is so insane is if these people really thought the lives of bar-goers mattered they’d be supporting the lockdown.


If he’s running a billion dollar company, he’s kept it very much under the radar. Can only find the briefest of blurbs about the company. Also, for a billion dollar company, it’s odd that he’s hiring for the CFO on a random website for 180-200k. You’d think they’d make a bit more.

Also, per his own LinkedIn entry, it’s been “headquartered in Austin, Texas” for some time. So he’s taking a previously made decision and claiming it is a new one.

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I looked them up. Based on what I read by them I bet they’re either grifters or a cult. Or both.


I think Gilda said it best: SNL Right to Extreme Stupidity League. image


In normal times I go to the pub once a week for a music jam. Since the shutdown, we got takeout from there a couple times (they also do groceries, so it was a combined cooked food, drinks, and grocery delivery.)
Too bad the GOP let big corporations steal most of the PPP money and the red states shutting down late and then reopening early meant that most of the workers can’t get unemployment (or the businesses have to pay for it, not the state.)

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You can drink at home.
You can watch the ball game at home.
You can hang out with your friends on Zoom, which isn’t as much fun as hanging out somewhere in person but has its own charms I guess, though playing music with friends doesn’t work very well online.
You can’t go out for a drink and flirt with somebody new anywhere near as enjoyably (but I’m an old married guy, so that’s not why I go to bars.)

I recently read this book (Proof: the Science of Booze), and the author briefly refers to bars as third places.

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