Barack Obama lists his favorite books, music, and movies of 2018


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Not even one Kid Rock tune?


Ive turned his music selection into a Spotify playlist


That just proves that he’s not a REAL American! :stuck_out_tongue:


Becoming by Michelle Obama (obviously my favorite!)

He is much smarter than his critics gave him credit for.


He just probably hasn’t been too many strip clubs lately to hear one.


Wait…Presidents are supposed to be literate? Someone forgot to tell Nostradumbass and the idiots who voted for him.


Do you mean the book list?


Good Americans don’t read, they wait for the movie!

(credits to Kathleen Madigan for this one)


That’s not really much of a bar for measurement. My coon hound, Aunt Lucy, is as least as smart as most of his critics and she’s kind of a dumb old dog really. She’s a sweet old soul though.


Reading makes you gay!


So, President Obama read 29 books in 2018. That’s like 27 or 28 more than Trump had read his entire life.


Duly added to my library, thanks!


Obama is one of the few people whose reading list is actually legitimate and not formulated by himself or handlers.

I’m almost annoyed that he keeps popping up and reminding us that, at one time, American Presidents were not inhuman, anti-intellectual, psychopath narcissist assholes.

(And I wish WH photographer Pete Sousa and historian Michael Beschloss would stop it, too! It’s somehow more tolerable if there is the illusion that “it’s always been this way, it’s always been this disgusting.”)


Funny thing, that is a common far-right talking point. Obama secretly gay.

I do not get it. Like some dude said it so it must be true is about the size of it. But all of a sudden, some other guy’s campaign manager, personal lawyer, and a bunch of other people are sentenced and, meh! Probably nothing!

I say this because I figured I would check to see if Breitbart tried to make hay of it. Pretty vile what they are up to instead of making hay of this.


It’s a lazy slur, really. Many who use it haven’t even thought of it beyond the fact that it’s a derogatory term. Grade school mentality based upon their own fear of being called gay, I guess.

As for me, I despair when I see Obama’s list at how little I have read in the past year. I know, I know, it’s not a contest, but I like to think of myself as an avid reader. But it’s a good list. I’m going to use it as inspiration… once I finish What Happened.


By Joseph Heller? Good god that’s a boring book.

Edit: nvrmnd, I’m thinking of Something Happened. Clinton’s book sounds…long.


The way that this blockquote was formatted, I read it as:

I thought, for a brief moment, that this person had the weirdest and most appropriate name of all time.


I sort of hope that he chose not to include some of the Drumpf-dirt books that I read so that I don’t have to feel bad about myself for having read them. For him not to have read any is just too much class for any one person to have.


Well, just having a reading list proves it.
Reading = Gay