Barbie reminds kids struggling with depression that they aren't alone


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Wow, when did Barbie get a reduction, grow four hat sizes and start caring?
I, I like it.


Sometimes I need my Barbie.


Yea, I call shenanigans, the real Barbie has rocket boobs. Also, when did she get the Pixar face? Notice that little squinty thing she does every 10 seconds, just like every Pixar character ever?


Next up: GI Joe on post traumatic stress disorder.


We were at the store recently, buying a niece a b-day gift in the doll aisle and my daughter and I were amazed at the variety Barbies have now. they aren’t perfect, but the dolls themselves come in lots of different races, body types, and job descriptions. it’s pretty heartening, actually.


What I was noting to @MaiqTheLiar




It really is. It shows that Mattel listened to years of criticism, finally, and decided to make changes to address that.


Well even if it is just cheap pandering, it’s still good progress for everyone. Having better representation and that there’s no one perfect figure or image, every girl out there is beautiful and strong in their own right. They don’t need to be advertised that this impossibly thin white doll is what’s beautiful.

Also i am glad to see Barbie give this positive message on mental health. Almost all my friends beat themselves up when they feel sad or upset, which makes things worse. I’ve spent years telling various friends that it’s ok to feel what you’re feeling and allow yourself to experience your emotions, but when you feel that you need help that you can ask for help or just talk it out.


I totally agree. My daughter was especially happy to see the racial and physical diversity (even though she’s never played with Barbies). The mental health messages are great too.


Life in plastic: it’s fantastic.


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