Barbra Streisand lampoons Donald Trump with “Send In The Clowns”


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Thanks Babs!


Let’s hope that Trump tries to get this suppressed and it ironically becomes the victim of the Streisand Effect.


That might precipitate the Ironic Singularity :scream:

On second thought, bring it on!


If it goes viral, that’s called the Streisand Effect.


Trigram models may be vulnerable to issues with sparse data, but this is what happens if you skimp and use bigrams for your Markov chain generator.


What kind of dressing did you get on that word salad?



Allllllllllllllll your base.


“Are belong to us?”


I can’t help but hear Sarah Palin’s voice as I read this.




OH! Do you think we’re being trolled by Palin herself? Wouldn’t that be awesome!? Or terrible?


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