SNL's Trump/Clinton debate sketch makes Saturday Night great again


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Boring and unfunny! Sad!


I find it somewhat amusing and strangely troubling that this video is available in Albania, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh and ‘Congo, the Democratic Republic of the’ but not in Germany.


Yet again another SNL skit that isn’t quite as demented as the reality. When Trump was asked about being a role model for children, he went off on a deranged rant about ISIS in the real debate, for example. Real Trump not only admitted to stalking Hillary around the stage but talked about using the opportunity to check out her ass. How on Earth does one parody that?


That…was way better than I expected it to be. As in I actually did laugh out loud and I can’t say that of anything almost anything* I’ve seen on SNL in the past ten years. (Disclaimer: I haven’t watched SNL in the past ten years.)

Baldwin was chameleonic as Trump. Spooky!

*ETA: Seth Meyers. I totally forgot Seth Meyers.


Clearly y’all have higher standards. :wink:


Ack…I was in the process of responding to you!


I love that Trump couldn’t help himself from complaining about it on Twitter. Revealing his thin skin (once again) and giving them further publicly at the same time.

ETA: why admit watching SNL at all if it’s “boring and unfunny,” let alone HOSTING it?


Re, the tweet from Trump - aww, is poor Donald discovering at last that running for president is not always all about getting ego-boos for his little narcissistic self? Is he discovering that there are people in the world who don’t like him and won’t play nice with his little ego-boo game? Is he ceasing to have fun?

(plays tiny violin)


I anticipate this Onion article within the next four weeks:

Scientists construct ‘nano-violin’ for Donald Trump using cesium-137 atoms

Team lead Molly Rosenthal: “We haven’t found a way to play it yet, not that it matters.”


It kind of gave the game away that I hadn’t looked at the actual post before commenting, though.


Not available in Canada either… we can watch it on TV, but not on the Internet.


The weird thing is that earlier this year, there were biographical profiles that talked about how he adored attention, even negative attention, and would cut out even critical articles about him and frame them – like an abused/neglected child who doesn’t care whether it gets a hug or a spanking, either way it’s being noticed.

Something has changed, and I think it’s that he’s finally starting to discover that running for president isn’t actually fun, especially now at the end when the knives come out. He’s also no longer able to swan along inside the republican bubble/ echo chamber at this point, when it’s all about getting out the vote. So he’s getting a lot more spankings and a lot fewer hugs, and he’s discovering, at last, that no matter what he may have thought before, there is a difference.


“We laughed so hard, we woke up the neighbors”

Clearly I was too sober when I watched this…


I know.
Real Ken Bone was a lot creepier than this guy.


Astute politicians buy up originals of the cartoons that attack them. If Trump was truly astute he would congratulate SNL, thus (a) laying claim to a sense of humour and (b) making them wonder what big opportunity they missed.


I don’t think Trump has ever been able to take a joke.

Isn’t there at least a theory floating around that Trump’s decision to run dates from an abiding resentment to Obama’s evisceration of him at the WHCD back in 2011?


Here it is:

Also the earlier one:


They enabled him - for ratings. Now they’re lampooning him - for ratings. I understand they’re in business FOR ratings; but at any cost? It was clear what kind of person he was before they let him host last year. Take it away, William Gibson: