Baring Machine

“Baring machine” - Mural painting realized in Satka (Russia), for the Satka Street Art Festival curated by Fund Sobranie Moscow, 2017.
Second and connected part realized in a different area of the city.
55°04’01.3"N 58°55’54.8”E

When I saw this I was “Wow! More awesome murals!” but, I saw the second part part (below) and wondered if the artist(s) are grappling with the idea of Russian ideology being manufactured on a factory scale to be exported to the rest of the world. Sure, I’m projecting my concerns but, seems plausible no? The artwork is amazing as any I have seen in Kiev or Belgrade. Murals say allot about what’s going on in the world. What do you think?


I like it, but I can’t help but the first thing that popped into my head was the Sabre Dance…

That bit of immaturity out of the way, impressive work.


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