In "time for sushi", David Lewandowski's flexible freak becomes an army

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Who knew glitchy character rigging could turn into such mesmerizing eye candy. Sweet.


Anyone know about this advertising crisis?

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It’s been a series of several policy changes and major companies pulling their YouTube ads. Not really one thing, but the whole ad revenue structure many channels were built on is a lot less stable than it was a year ago. You may have noticed a lot more channels prominently plugging merch these days, and it’s not a coincidence.


The thought of lighting all those models hurts my head.


The future of independent, artisanal, high-effort nonsense on YouTube is uncertain.

The artist part of me totally sympathizes with the plea for funding such projects. To have independent artwork achieve recognition and popularity to the point that it is financially self-sustaining is the dream of any artist (and something I have not personally achieved). But I’m afraid that the time where you could put strange content on youtube and stumble on an audience might have been just an anomaly… So many commercial players are getting into the game now it will become increasingly difficult to stand out. It will likely be only the venue for the young and unemployed who will have the time and energy to create such content, with a very select few who ‘make it,’ much like the music business. For the rest of us, the artistic impulse will be sublimated into creating advertising disguised to look like authentic content. It is a capricious marketplace, but it could be worse I guess.


who’s Daniel Lewandowski? you guys apparently don’t worship the mograph gods.

This gives me Attack on Titan ‘abnormal’ vibes.

A.K.A. strip-mining the permafrost.

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