BART map inspires poster of The Fillmore's upcoming shows

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embiggen :smiley:

Necessity (and spare time) being the mother of invention. The Russians take on the format is my personal favourite


This is a really neat idea. They also still keep a big bowl of apples in the lobby.
I’ve lived in Southern CA for almost 20 years now and hadn’t been to the Fillmore since leaving the Bay Area.
Last Dec when Chris Robinson Brotherhood was doing their 3 night run there, we were up for a long weekend and I took my wife there for her first time at the venue (RIP, Neal Casal).
Anyway, she’s a Deadhead and hadn’t ever seen photos or anything from the inside, so I kept it a surprise about the big pic of Jerry on the landing on the way up to the poster room. We walked up there before the show and I told her to turn around. Was fun. Took her pic on the landing. The poster room is really neat, too. Such a great place. Hot tip - for a fun dinner, State Bird Provisions next door is awesome.


Look, some times, when I’m in the Bay Area for work, I just need to get from The Japanese House to Friendly Fires without fake BART maps, OK?

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this is not a great way to deliver a concert schedule. If it was a festival with different tracks on different stages that would make a little more sense. I mean, it looks neat but it’s not particularly readable.

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