Bat embryos with the skeletons dyed are kinda creepycute

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I used to work for the forest service conducting censuses of a few bat species. They are stunningly beautiful creatures, second only to cats in mischievous adorbs. The males also have alarmingly human-like erections that make them look like something from Japanese porn cartoons. Bats can die from cardiac arrest if you handle them too long, from stress and adrenaline. I’ve had more bat bites than I can count, which usually went down like this: 1. me gently holding and humming to bat as I prepare to catalogue or tag it 2. bat saying fuck that noise and sinking canines 1/8" into my thumb. Sorry for random post, just love these animals and wanted to share fun facts. If anyone here ever needs to rehome or remove bats from their home safely, or is worried about proximity to them, please remember me and pm me, I can help out or just assuage your fears.


at the wildlife animal rescue shelter that i volunteered for they made us wear puncture proof gloves when handling bats due to their ability and high likelyhood of carrying and transmitting diseases to humans. were you not nervous being bitten by bats so frequently?

They are super intelligent little fellows and amazing creatures. They never failed to impress me. one of my favorite types of animals. :+1:


Ulna and radius make sense, but what’s up with the tibia and fibula? Did legs ever supinate and pronate the way forearms do?

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Please tell more awesome batty stories!



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