Bat loves stuffing its little face with grapes


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if that bat is anything like me, he’s gonna be SO constipated after eating so many grapes. : P

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In my experience, the problem is precisely the reverse.

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We had a palm tree in our yard that the flying foxes liked. Constipation is definitely not something they suffer from.


Cute? That thing is horrifying.

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Those eyes!!

Listen, you creepy s.o.b’s can keep bringing me fruit, but I don’t trust you.

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I swear that vampire is wearing a cape.

Gah… I see that video and suddenly I can smell it. They are charming and lovely creatures who chatter like possessed children but jeez… Their colonies have an eye-watering stink that, to quote Frank Zappa, “will take the paint off your car and wreck your windshield too.”


Grapes get constipated after eating bats?

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Almost always.

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