Flying Fox enjoys grape


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Bats are nothing to be scared of if you leave them alone.

Just what they want you to think, unsuspecting prey.


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I like how they have their eyes to the front. Which is pretty typical of predators, I know, and has evolved independently several times, but is just so cute.



ETA: I find bats, even the ugliest ones, absolutely adorable.


I know someone who bought a house near here without a proper survey. When they moved in they discovered bats in the attic. The son managed to get bitten by a bat and was duly taken to hospital to be checked over.
They were then informed that the police were considering prosecuting them for interfering with a protected species.
(In the end the charge was dropped, but the moral is, in England do not tamper with bats. An English bat’s home is its castle.)


I’ve never seen a grape eaten so ominously.


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