Hurt flying fox enjoys grapes


I bet they were sour anyway.


I bow to your meta :stuck_out_tongue:

Note to mods: We need a “I am not worthy” emoticon.

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Although it goes without saying…Charlie sure is a cute little guy

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I can haz graeps?

Daww, I have wanted one of those for a pet ever since I saw one eating grapes on the Captain Kangaroo Show when I was ~5… I think it’s handler peeled the grapes, so I assume that it was some sort of flying fox royalty.


It must have been concussed - normally the beasts are blood-drinking occult monsters.

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Maybe it thought they were eyeballs.


In a previous house we had an old fig tree in the back, and in fruit season we’d get parrots by day and flying foxes by night. They were hilariously entertaining - even if you couldn’t see them their chatter is pretty comical.

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I’ve never liked bats, but I think I’ll make an exception for Charlie here. I understand how important they are ecologically, but so are mosquitoes and leeches. It’s not that I find them creepy or scary by themselves. My main experience with bats has been trying to take showers at summer camps. There always 1 or 2 of them flying around the shower house trying to find their way out of the echo chamber full of pink noise, and I’d have to be careful to not get into their erratic flightpath, because contacting a bat in any way meant being driven to the county hospital and getting a rabies shot and being sent home. Camp insurance is a bitch.

Glad to se someone who gives a flying fox… Grapes

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