Batman at 75

Constructing a mystery takes more work than drawing a picture of kicking a guy in the mouth.
But Batman is the one character DC gets (they are even called DC for Detective Comics where Batman made his debut) is Batman. If that character suddenly fell out of favor, that would be it, pack it up, it’s done. The DCU is all about him and it all falls on his shoulders. It’s interesting that with so many characters running around, that one – the one with no superpowers – would be the linchpin for one publisher…

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But DC has the higher goofiness factor. Marvel’s characters were more complex and closer to being realistic. Batman is the least goofy character DC has. Even Pixar said it: No capes!

That goofiness factor was its charm and the main reason I used to read them – Ted Kord was the best character they ever had – silly, charming, but kept a promise no matter what…

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Batman or Superman? listen to No One Likes Superman Anymore (EP Versio… by I Fight Dragons on Grooveshark. Really good song :smile:


Out of that came this incredible character with no superpowers, but who can still stand toe to toe with the greatest superheroes in DC mythology.

Batman has the same superpower as Iron Man: money.

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