Batman is a hoarder

Kerry Callen began to suspect that Detective Comics-era Batman was a hoarder – how else to explain that cave full of pointless batarang prototypes and other tchotchkes? So she drew a two-page comic exploring her thesis in detail. I find her case compelling. She notes, "the objects on the bottom of page 1 are all… READ THE REST

golden age comedy timing just doesn’t ever loose its luster. I do kind of miss the more humorous superheros rather then the grit-brown ones we have today… (at least in the cinema anyway)


This passes the wonderful test.


Well, regarding the costume he’s correct. He’ll need that if he and Robin ever come out the closet.

(For CSD, of course.)

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Now I’m wondering what Q Division of the British Secret Service has piling up in their basements. Also, does Bond get to keep the gadgets, or does he have to sign them back in?

Nah. They’d use rental storage, I bet.

There’s a scene in Die Another Day where Bond is mucking about with all the old stuff in Cleese-Q’s storage facility in Tower Bridge: the jetpack from Thunderball, a couple of dozen gadget-laden watches, and so on.


This is a really enjoyable strip, and delights as much of Kerry Callen’s work does… but Callen is a man, not a woman!

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Ithis is basically me. Only I’m not Batman.

That was great!

I’d love to see DC get behind a webseries of funny pages like this, and then collect them into a trade.


The little smile on his face at the end is what really sells it.

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That’s exactly what Batman WOULD say…

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If I’m remembering correctly there was a scene in one of the Roger Moore Bond flicks (I disremember which one) where Q gave Bond a little hell for not signing anything back in. So, I believe that he’s supposed to but they just always end up destroyed.

Great skit, nice work Mr. Callen. If the cartoon field doesn’t plain out for you, try your hand as a forgery detective. You know what too look for.

There’s also his OCD, with the need to put a bat on just about anything he owns… his batmania, if you will.

Nah, that’s isn’t it. Superhero Lost and Found would be unable to return his stuff if he didn’t before. Before he started to tag things, he would constantly get Moon Knight’s stuff and vice versa.

The upside to this is that he’s a clean hoarder, and there’s no dead animal carcasses underneath all that stuff.

I dunno. I see a penguin and a t-rex.

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