Stolen (and recovered) collection of rare Batman comics to be auctioned

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I still have some Batman cards, that came with gum. “Some” because I never got a full set, I have as many as I ever did.

They were an odd set, because they mentioned the tv series in some way, and definitely existed because of the series, but the drawings had nothing to do with the series. Actually, they always seemed more interesting than the series, even thiugh the series was exciting.

A while back there was a Batman tv boxed set released, and it included replicants that seemed to be what I had.

So they sit in a box with my other gum cards, from “Planet of the Apes” and Hogan’s Heroes, and maybe some others.

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I’m reminded of my pretty thorough collection of Amazing Spider-Man comics (most of the issues from #39 through #350 or so).
And that reminds me of my mother who sold all them for $75.
And THAT reminds me that there were issues in there worth ten times $75 by themselves.
And THAT gives me a terrible pain in my stomach.

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Well I’m going to make a ton of money on my super-rare 1993 “Death of Superman” comic

Let me just check Ebay here and…


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I gave away my comics myself, thinking I’d outgrown them at age 12 (along with my Tom Corbett and Tom Swift books).

I wish I could read them today. Though a few years ago I found a giant Superman comic from 1971, only a dollar (a torn cover explains the price). I either had bought it back then, or I saw ads. Complete with Superboy’s “closet of curiosities”, before he was old enough to have his Fortress of Solitude.

I gave my Hotwheels and Little Golden Christmas books to the daughter of a friend, I sort of regret because I’m sure tyey were eventually tossed.

I kept my.Major Matt Mason stuff till last year, when they seem to have been tossed while I was in the hospital. Kept for fifty years, and no money when I lost them.

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Without getting it graded first you’ll have a hard time of selling it for what it could actually be worth.

The pic is from google image search. My copy is still in the poly bag, unopened. And, yes, those are only going for $20 cuz there’s so damn many of them.

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I gave away my comic book collection before the Comic Book Boom of the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Who knew people would be willing to pay so much for Kamandi, Forever People, or Mister Miracle comics. I was a DC collector.

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