The world's most valuable comic now on eBay


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Is it just me or does that guy in the foreground who is totally losing his shit look like Ernest Borgnine?


Holy crap. Look how white that is. How the hell is that possible? This wasn’t restored in anyway?

ETA - OK saw the back story. Sounds like it’s one of those unique things, like the mummified dinosaur. I have comics from the 90s that I have tried to store safely, and the acid in the paper still starts to discolor some of them.

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What portion of the sale goes to the Reeve Foundation? Unless I’m missing something, we’ve got a case of an asterisk to nowhere.


One percent, apparently.


wow first time hearing about this mummy dinosaur could have put a link. it is quite amazing.

Good to see Michael Madsen working, even if it is in a comic book store.


Seventy years from now a 9.0 CGC graded copy of one my comments will be worth millions.

Seal this f*cker up in a mylar sleeve and stick it in a cedar chest for your grandkids’ college fund.


Just you.

I would have said “most expensive” rather than “most valuable,” but I’m both nitpicking and snarking.

Interesting that Krypton isn’t even named, and its fate and role in Superman’s genesis gets exactly one panel.

I knew that Supes couldn’t originally fly (from people explaining that “leap tall buildings” bit), but I didn’t realize that his entire powerset consisted of being strong and tough. And not even all that tough, relative to modern superheroes–“nothing less than a bursting shell could penetrate his skin” made me chuckle.

So are we also looking at the origin of the fad of heroes wearing their underwear on the outside?

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It sounds exactly like Captain America.

it’s not just you.

Superman is also the originator of “power creep”

It got really absurd in the 50s.

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A lot of superhero costume traits can be traced back to 19th and early-20th century circus acrobats. That’s one reason Robin made the transition from orphaned circus performer to vigilante crime fighter so easily.


Incorrect. Captain America has always been defined as being at the peak of human physical perfection; whatever the current record is for human athletics in any aspect–running, jumping, lifting weights, holding your breath, etc.–that’s what Cap can do. Anything that surpasses that is either a matter of the writer speculating on what the theoretical upper limit of human performance is, or just sloppy writing.


Also, it’s worth mentioning that the bit at the end about how the price for collectibles like this going up enormously having something to do with reaching some sort of “threshold” is nonsense; it’s all about the 1% having literally more money than they know what to do with.


Unless you’re getting into “special Marvel/DC crossover” territory.


Canon is canon right up to the point when it’s bent, shaded, or completely ignored.

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Which doesn’t sound like much, but at what this is expected to fetch, it’s liable to end up as a pretty significant $25,000 or so.

Or until Netflix picks it up.
…and possibly also after.

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