Copy of Action Comics #1 could fetch $600k at auction

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Sure, that’s a great deal. But the plastic case is another $25.

That’s where they get you.


Wow, that Ditko panel reads like a Chick Tract.



Which, incidentally, is far more than anyone was willing to bid for a mint copy of Auction Comics #1.


Aw man, some really good conditioned golden age Shadow comics, and two really nice original Shadow comic art.

I get their auction notices, but typically they are so expensive it is an exercise in looking at nice things I can’t have.


For less than the cost of the CGC grade on that investment grade antique, you can get a complete reprint of Action #1.

The CGC grading system is evil, because it’s a perversion of the whole point of collecting comics, which is to be able to read and enjoy the damn comic.

The people who bid on that antique copy of Action may fool themselves, but they are not comic book collectors, they are just financial speculators, on the same plane as hedge fund investors and stock market gamblers.


“Copy”? It’s an original!

All printed books are copies. The original are the pages made by the artist.
A replica of a book is a “Facsimile”.

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Bear in mind, Ditko created Mr. A entirely as a mouthpiece. (This was 2 years after he left Marvel over undisclosed reasons, though lack of creator control over artwork seems to be a part of it.) Mr. A does a lot of “talking to the camera”.

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And of course Mr. A begat Ditko’s later character The Question, who was adapted for Alan Moore’s Watchmen into the uncompromising/psychotic crimefighter Rorschach.

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I agree for most cases, but not for super rare cases like this where reprints are easily available. ( I even have a copy of Action Comics #1 from Comixology on my iPad for free and totally legally.)

If I were to have a full run of Action comics, I would want an original #1, while at the same time, I wouldn’t be super eager to actually read that copy. Well, maybe once.

If you had the financial resources to actually buy the entire run of Action, you’d barely notice the extra cost of getting #1.

Very true, but that’s here nor there re: putting it in a slab. I think it’s justified in some cases.

Doing it every time something you own hits 50 bucks in value… not so much. Like you said, that’s not showing any love for comics.

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