New record for the most expensive comic book ever sold

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You can’t touch it. You can’t read it. You can’t enjoy it. You can’t lose yourself in the story and the moment and breath that sweet scent of old paper and ink. All you can do is hang it on the wall.

I’ll never think this sort of shit is anything but completely missing the point about what books, comics, art is for.


“relatively new to comic investing.”

Slabbed comics are a good way to know what condition your comic is in - and keep it that way. But still hate it…

I just sold a handful of keys from the 90s, and the 1, maybe 2 I have left I am considering getting pressed and slabbed. If you have high grades they can go for stupid money some times…

Still… while nice to look at, it feels dirty…

Well this is the one that probably should be on top as most expensive comic. Some of the others that held the title recently were clearly just holding the top spot in reserve until another Action Comics #1 went on sale in mint.

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Detective comics #27 all the way!

Translation: tech billionaire looking for a status symbol to show off to their friends.

At least they had the good sense to buy the physical comic book instead of the NFT.

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No capes!

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Hang it on the wall!?!? Are you insane? Do you know what the rays of the sun will do to the value?


Anyone have a link to a digital version of Action Comics #1?

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