Bob Kane's Grave, the Hand of God, and Batman


That Steranko story is awesome. If you want a great rundown of why Kane is considered a fraud and a scumbag by so many in the industry, this is informative (and funny):


AND the fact that Batman was basically a re-dressing of the pulp crime fighter, The Shadow.

I love The Shadow, BTW. Especially when MW Kaluta draws him.

Let me tell you, I was poor as shit, but saw MW Kaluta at a convention. I said look, I only have $20, is there anyway you can do a sketch for me? He said come back tomorrow. I came back and he made a nice big 8x10 profile with a 1911. Gorgeous.

What sucks - after my last move I have no idea where it is. It HAS to be squirreled away safe - but I don’t know where.


I bet The Shadow Knows!!!

Yeah, the Boing Boing article misses a few of Finger’s contributions.

If I have to grit my teeth and give Kane even the slightest amount of credit, I will say that he was the one who wrote the word “BAT-MAN” down on a piece of paper and drew a character wearing a red suit with a domino mask, blonde hair and a pair of bat wings. All Finger really did was come up with the color scheme, the costume, the cape, the cowl, the idea that he shouldn’t have any superpowers, the origin story about his parents being shot in an alley, the idea that he’s a detective, the words “Batmobile” and “Gotham City,” Robin, the Joker, Catwoman, and a few other minor elements.


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