Batman creator Bob Kane swipe panel

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That color version doesn’t look like it matches the original issue of Detective Comics #33, it’s probably a scan of a later reprint. The gradient in the background is a giveaway, pulp comics of the era were mostly limited to flat colors.

Interestingly though it looks like whoever colored the reprint made the same mistake with those fingers as the colorist of the 1939 original (er, original swipe).


Here is my favorite coloring error.

The Lizard’s eyes are on the side.

Colorist puts them on the front.


EDIT: I’m totally wrong! Thanks to @Brainspore for pointing out what was probably obvious to everyone else.

I don’t see it. Assuming I’m looking at the same thing:

There’s an unfortunate shadow that might imply an extra-long, green pinky, but no.


LEFT hand. His forefinger and middle finger are visibly resting in the crook of his right elbow.

Slightly more obvious in the black & white original panel:



Now, I think I see what is meant, but I’m not certain it was a bad call on the part of the colorist. (Well, technically it is, of course.) Cause those fingers aren’t terribly well drawn, so why not just color them like the jacket, so they can be easily overlooked.

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I looked at the original and I swear those did not register as fingers.

Thanks for clarifying!


The fingers (and rank stripes) were more important composition-wise in the black & white panel, because without them his forearm would just disappear into the black of his jacket. Bruce Wayne wasn’t drawn quite as skillfully but you can still see the position of his arm from the varied light & shadow.

Also, the fingers make it more obvious that the subject has his arms crossed to indicate serious thought instead of how Wayne looks like he could just be coughing into his fist.

Wait a minute, how did his left hand get over there? It should be at the end of an arm, right? In the color version, I see no hint of the left arm crossing the body, and I think there should be something visible, despite the shadows.

I suppose it could be just below the frame.

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