Holy Robin!


Honestly a little disappointed that this wasn’t video of Robin reading Ginsberg.

“HOLY HEADACHE!” should’ve been the last one, because by then it fits so well.


They should recut where each stock frame set (i.e. riding next to Batman, piloting the batcopter, apparently quite a few usages of being trapped in a glass box…) is directly adjacent.

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Second one in, “Holy Nukuler Time Bombs!” I’m sold!

That’s 10 points off for each appearance of Bat-Mite. Holy failing grade! (50)

I’m partially impressed.

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Holy shit! Can’t we get a Jimmy Kimmel style unnecessary censorship version?

Is nothing holy any more?

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“Holy strange odors” was all I needed.


Unfortunately, I picked up this habit from watching Robin in the original series as a kid. 45 years later I probably sound as odd to anyone younger than I am as my high school physics teacher, who called any useful or pretty formula “the cat’s pajamas,” did to us.

Side-kicked, gosh…


“Wholly gratuitous, Batman!”

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