The Secret True History Of 'Jingle Bells, Batman Smells'


The theory that it was spread by military brats is an appealing explanation for the fact that it seemed to be everywhere almost as soon as the show was first broadcast.

I’d also like to know when Comet first started making us vomit and turning our teeth green. I know the tune goes back to the WWII lament about Hitler having only one ball.


Well that was fun until the racism part.

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That shit is everywhere
Still, I choose to see it as a challenge.
Cleaning up shit is possible.

There were several really dreadful ditties in the schoolyard when I was a kid. Mostly they seem to be gone, thought probably not everywhere. I wish I could make them gone from my head, 5 decades hasn’t managed that job.


Welcome to Amurica! It’s always fun until the racism part.

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this right here is why I love the internet.
I love shit like this and have written about it before.
There’s an old Life In Hell cartoon called “Kid’s Greatest Hits” with “Batman smells” and similar kid-generated parodies which pre-dates Bart singing it on the Simpsons, but IIRC both of Groening’s creations have carried a torch for these songs several times over.

This link provided in the Cracked article looks promising, I’m fixing to read it right now


True. This is no longer a thing on schoolyards near as I can tell, although I definitely was still hearing (once in a while) the racist “Grandma Shells” version during my childhood in the 80’s. That and all kinds of other stuff using the N word, which if I’m honest, I don’t think the kids repeating it really understood what the word meant. (Didn’t seem like it at the time)

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