Baylor University used puppets to announce its newly signed football players

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“Raise the tuition! The sportsball team needs puppets!”


Given that Baylor’s athletic sexual assault scandal has its own Wikipedia entry (and resulted in the resignation of university president Ken Starr, of Clinton investigation fame), I wonder how many of those ostensibly good Christian puppets are rapists.


I had to figure out what the connection was here–if Baylor has a thriving theatre arts program or what–so I did a little googling and discovered this article:


  • Baylor football (not Baylor athletics, just the football program alone) has a three-person social media team who came up with the puppet idea
  • There’s a Baylor alum named Jeff Dunham who is famous for some kind of puppetty entertainment?
  • They didn’t use Dunham though, they used a different company, Evelinka Puppets, who made the custom football puppets for $250 apiece.
  • The voices are actually the voices of the football players, which is actually pretty nifty.

The article doesn’t say who did the puppetteering, though. Can’t imagine there’s a thriving puppeteer economy in Waco.


The very epitome of the old adage: “more money than sense”. And this, no less, from an institution of higher ed!


Even if they’re wasting money on this bullshit, I’m glad they’re not making the arts programs subservient to the football program the way they do in Texas highschools. That’s pretty gross.


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