BB Gift Guide

I’m all for BB making as much money as they can - but I don’t think I’ll be alone in thinking that the gift guide, which is mostly just ‘fun crap’ kind of goes against a lot of the principles BB stands for.

I think it might serve the editors well to have a look over this article, which puts it far better than I ever could:

I’d personally like to see the gift guide populated by craft and maker stuff next year, promoting the actual values that BB seems to promote during the rest of the year.

Hope this doesn’t come across as combative, it’s just a little sad that the first thing I thought of when reading that article was this website.

I dunno. Some of what was there struck me as tooling for makers, which would align with your goal…

It’s certainly not ALL bad - and to be fair it’s much better than previous years, which have been pretty plastictastic. Although anyone picking up a MacBook Air off a gift guide is likely wasting enough of the worlds resources already :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you propose alternative lists that are more to your liking?

Also, don’t ever have children, because it is pretty much impossible to avoid “fun crap” with children. And children also destroy the planet! Well, until they become scientists and engineers who can help build ways to un-destroy it.

I dunno, id probably rather buy direct from BB - get mark and the make folks to put together some PDF plans/patterns etc, shit like that.

Good advice! Although raising materialistic children isn’t a requirement, and a toy isn’t wasteful if a child gets years of joy from it.

Or just donate to charity like Kottke recommends.

Personally, I recommend donating to:

  • EFF
  • Wikipedia
  • Internet Archive

as those are nearest and dearest to my heart. No shortage of worthy charities of course.

I am not against buying stuff at all, but as I get older I try to buy only things I really need and will use and are of decent quality. Stuff, man. Get enough of it, and it just holds you back.

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The trick may be getting the right stuff, getting rid of the wrong stuff, and organizing the right stuff so it actually gets used/displayed. I don’t absolutely need my personal library. But I like being able to look at all those shelves of “hunting trophies”; for me, that’s worth the costs. I do need most of my tools and electronics, but I’ve been slowly donating off or recycling the ones that really don’t and won’t get used. Moderation in all things, including moderation; my next big planned purchase is tools (but possibly not before the weather warms up again; bringing a table saw down bulkhead steps in winter conditions is generally not a Good Idea.)

Supporting charities is certainly an excellent idea; many of them are both having to work harder and getting less donated due to the economic slump – increased need, less surplus.

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