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that is quite the user agreement. It reads like it was written by an intern.

The way the text was split up on my screen made me think for a moment that some of these sounds were “dental moments”.

Do Not Want.

You say sound effect, I say ringtone.

No TARDIS sound effect. Useless.


I used to have one about a spotty dress and wearing for some time and about having it off… :slight_smile:

I started looking for my favourite bit of BBC sound effects, The Essential Death and Horror, a royalty free collection of sounds that they released for use in amateur productions. I didn’t find that, but I did find all sorts of amazing noises.
Have you ever wondered what a Fairey Rotodyne sounded like? Wonder no more. (although it would be great if there was a way to link to individual items, with their metadata)
Perhaps you’d prefer the sound of no less than twenty six English Electric Lightnings taking off? Here.

I’m going to be mining this all day.

Cool! I hope somebody is busy re-creating the Beatles “Good Morning” outro.

if you do any kind of video or sound production you should avoid this library at all costs. it is toxic because the license. do not even use the SFX for placeholders. you might forget. and because the embedded “find me tags” the beeb will track it down eventually if it winds up on YouTube or some festival compilation.

also, I am not fond of the vagueness of the terms in general. sure, simplicity implies clarity. however, there are not enough specifics. pretty much from rights clearly standpoint this means stay way away. and “contact us” means more money than it worth. it would be cheaper to foley the sound yourself.

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