These were some of the hardest sound effects to create for TV

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The stomach rumbling sounds in The African Queen never quite sounded right to me but I’m not sure how I would do it better.


As a kid, I thought Bogart was farting in that scene.


borborygmi please!

borborygmus (n.)
also borborygmi, “rumbling noise in the bowels,” 17c., from Latin borborigmus, from Greek borborygmos, from borboryzein “to have a rumbling in the bowels,” imitative.

i recall being amazed at the effort put into the sound effects of the alien egg opening from Alien; then i realized one quiet evening that just about any kitchen/vegetable prep kinda sounds like that (eww)


Maybe that was the intent but the sound editors made the offensive noises just enough like stomach growling that they would have plausible deniability and not run afoul of the Hays Code. (Just assuming here that the Hays Code prohibited farts because it was a killjoy set of rules that was pretty much against anything considered naughty.)


At :36, the brother (don’t remember his name) turns to a page with “Page Woodcock’s Wind Pills”, so they were clearly straddling a fine line.


Anyone else used to have a copy of the old BBC Sound Effects tape containing rolls of thunder, dripping water and the like - escalating to the sound of hot pokers into flesh and heads being cut off (both apparently achieved with cabbages).


Within fairly recent memory, Auntie Beeb made all her sound effects available online w/o charge. Lemme see if I can find a link.



Kinda sounds like he was ‘following through’!

I remember having access to the BBC records (vinyl if yo will) at university in the 80’s. They cost around $1K a disc and the holders would charge a dollar for a ‘needle drop’ to re-record a sound given the degredation that would happen everytime the record was played!

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