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:thinking: Well, I tend to treat stories about murders as cautionary tales full of suggestions for avoiding a similar fate, as well as options for escape. :woman_shrugging:t4: Unfortunately, historical dramas tend to focus on poison…

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I have a trip coming up to Sweden. I will be solidly booked with the reason for the trip, but if there’s anyone who lives there or has a “you must see this” suggestion, please PM me. Thanks!


Moral quandary here: should I visit the British Museum to see the treasures there or stay away in light of how they got there?

  • Go for it.
  • No, it’s not worth the imperialism.
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Go, make a point of (somewhat loudly) talking about the issue with your group so others can hear, and be sure all of you post your concerns in the suggestion box before leaving.


And keep asking for directions to the exhibit on the government’s efforts to return stolen artifacts and repair the damage it has caused around the world.


It’s definitely worth it, even just for the building and the British finds (Sutton Hoo, The Battersea shield, etc.). The BM is an experience in itself.

Just remember that a museum is made up of people, who themselves might not agree with what their institution might do. I talked to a curator from the BM only yesterday, and let’s just say they have strong opinions on topics like repatriation (or Brexit for that matter).

The same goes for the V&A and Natural History Museum.

Also, isn’t the Roman army exhibit on at the moment? That collects some interesting finds from what I hear. Just remember that the special exhibitions do charge an entry fee and you might have to pre-book a slot to avoid the queues.


Well, my hike from Munich to Verona has been postponed, again. Last September I only made it to Brenner when I had to return to take care of a sick girlfriend. This year, I may skip the bit I already did and start in Innsbruck, as two weeks of hiking is going to be a lot anyways. But at least I have the experience now, know what to pack and what to leave behind. And know enough to book in advance when I can, as the scramble to find a hotel room after overshooting my goal ended up costing more than I had hoped.

Besides, the main bit is going to be after I get south of Bozen/Bolzano, where the dominant language switches from German to Italian. I spent the last year learning Italian for that bit.

But it’s a beautiful route, even if I have to endure having the Brenner Autobahn in view for a few days.